What’s Your Sustainability-Startup Pick?

Right now voting is underway for the best sustainability startup and you should weigh in!

Forty-seven startups from all over the world were created just weeks ago and each won 1st place at their respective international venues for Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution (techstars). Now it’s time to choose the best startup of the lot.

I had the opportunity to participate and help build a startup over an intense 54 hour roller-coaster weekend. Since Sacramento, California was the only city representing the USA, it’s fair to say that when our team placed 2nd, we placed 2nd in the country! Alas, while our team did not win the gold, the 1st place team WeVo proudly represents our nation and is very worthy of your vote (they earned mine already!).

Each team created a one-minute-video pitch showcasing its startup, and together with a brief summary describing each new concept, provides all the information you need to cast your vote (thru July 13). It can take less than a minute, or you can take some time and browse the array of incredible concepts aiming to make our world a better place. So go ahead, vote now!

Global Startup Weekend - Vote Now

Why did I join Startup Weekend? It’s a good cause: contribute to developing startups that focus on sustainability and to support our local Sacramento startup community. But more selfishly, I had in mind to help develop my own concept in the food industry (more on that later…). So I was quite pleased with myself when I pitched my concept and it was selected as a top concept to pursue (along with about 40% of the other pitches). Yet I was devastated, when in the end, my supporters abandoned my team for other concepts; startups that perhaps didn’t already have a pitch deck and partial business plan created.

After a difficult night of soul searching, since time is of the essence when working on a new venture and 54 hours is a considerable time commitment, I decided to stay the course, regroup, and join another team. I’m glad I did as it was an amazing journey from which we all grew, and in many ways tangentially contributed to my current venture. Of course, the icing on the cake was when our team won 2nd place.

2nd Place - Global Startup Weekend (1)
2nd Place, Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution. Spotter – mobile app to pool consumers with deals at restaurants during slow times.

Now it’s time for the best team globally to win it all. So go ahead, take a few minutes and vote for your favorite sustainable startup. You’ll be glad you did.

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