“Step Up World” and Participate in the Global Climate Action Summit!

Set aside some time this week and get inspired at the Global Climate Action Summit.

“Airing from the Summit’s livestream and streaming on Facebook by multiple partner organizations, Step Up, World will bring the Summit to the world and the world to the Summit through an energetic live program that combines news, high-level interviews, and commentary. This will include original curated segments featuring major events taking place across San Francisco and across the planet that capture the excitement of the international climate action movement that the Summit embodies.”

“Join us at the Step Up, World studio as we delve into the discussions and announcements of the Global Climate Action Summit, and hear from some of the world’s biggest voices for climate action. There’s no time to waste – it’s time for ambition. It’s time for action. It’s time to Step Up, World!”

If you’re new to Sustainability X, welcome! We will present solutions to the climate change crisis over the coming weeks and months, and how you can get involved. Please join our movement and follow us by clicking the “FOLLOW” link in the footer below!

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