There is a crisis at hand, and it’s not a partisan one. Mankind and every living thing is now at risk, and every person will be called on to help avert catastrophe. How will you heed that call?

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Ominous Headlines but We Can Avert the Worst

The UN International Panel for Climate Change released an ominous report this morning about the consequences of our collective inaction to combat global warming. We can avert the worst consequences of climate change if government, industry, and individuals realize our predicament and take meaningful actions to transform systems and society. Here’s how!

How to Save Our Vanishing World

As reported by CBS news, “Dr. Jane Goodall, the world-renowned conservationist, desperately wants the world to pay attention to what she sees as the greatest threat to humanity’s existence… Her soft-spoken grace somehow helped cushion what was otherwise extremely sobering news: ‘I just know that if we carry on with business as usual, we’re going … Continue reading How to Save Our Vanishing World

Can We Find a Sustainable Choice Among Fast Food Fare?

The Introduction of a Sustainable Fast Food Brand: Jackie Mays [Forewarning: this post is a self-serving advertisement; I hope you will forgive and indulge me!] Searching for prepared food on the go forces us to make unwanted choices. We buy convenience and low price, but we’re often presented with non-nutritious food quality and very unsustainable … Continue reading Can We Find a Sustainable Choice Among Fast Food Fare?

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